TBB CK6.0S 6KW/48V


TBB CK6.0S 6KW/48V is a next-generation bi-directional inverter designed for various types of off-grid systems, including AC coupling, DC coupling, and generator hybrid systems. It offers UPS-class switching speed and the capacity to support parallel, as well as the ability to compose a three-phase system.

With high reliability, performance, and industry-leading efficiency, TBB CK6.0S 6KW/48V is an ideal choice for mission-critical applications. Its distinguishing surge capability makes it capable of powering the most demanding appliances, such as washing machines, freezers, water pumps, air-conditioners, and more.


The AEA (automatic energy allocation) function allows TBB CK6.0S 6KW/48V to work with a limited AC source, such as a generator or limited grid. The inverter can automatically adjust its charging current to prevent grid or generator overload, and in case of temporary peak power, it can work as a supplement source to generator or grid power. With its advanced features and capabilities, TBB CK6.0S 6KW/48V is a reliable and efficient choice for off-grid power systems.
–  Type of Inverter: Three-phase, Transformer based, bi-directional off-grid inverter
–  Grid-tie / Off-grid: Off-grid
–  Voltage: 48V
–  Max. AC Output: 6 KW (30 min)
–  Max. Output Current: 32 (Auxiliary Output) – 50 A (Main Output)
–  Max. AC Charge Current: 80 A
–  Max. efficiency: 96 %
–  Weight: 35 kg
–  Dimensions: 530 x 285 x 185 mm
–  Protection: output short circuit, overload, high battery voltage, low battery voltage, high temperature, input voltage out of range, input voltage current too high, fan block.


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