The Hober hybrid pump inverter is highly efficient and reliable solar and mains powered inverter that is designed to be easy to install and use. With advanced features such as maximum power point tracking and hybrid function support, this inverter is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to pump water. It also comes with comprehensive protection features that ensure that it operates safely and reliably at all times.


Hober Hybrid Pump Inverter is an innovative and efficient solution for those looking to pump water using renewable energy. It is designed with smart and modular features that make it easy to install and operate without the need for programming. The inverter supports GPRS or SPMCS remote control for optional convenience.

This pump inverter is highly efficient with a 1:1 match to AC pumps, strong overload capacity and advanced inverter control algorithms that increase water output by up to 30%. It also has a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) efficiency that can reach up to 99%, making it a cost-effective alternative to diesel-powered pumps. It has a hybrid function that supports solar power, grid power and generator input, ensuring 24/7 operation. The IP65 design allows for continuous full-load operation between -10℃ to +60℃, and is compatible with all AC pump types.

Hober Hybrid Pump Inverter is also highly reliable. It has comprehensive protection features that include soft start, DC input anti-reverse, AC input/output phase lost (3Phase), AC output short circuit, AC output unbalance (3Phase), pump dry run protection by sensor/software, water over flow of tank, solar low power, over load, and AC output over current. These features ensure safe and reliable operation at all times, and make it an excellent investment for those looking for a durable and long-lasting pump inverter.


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