Lithium Ion Solar Battery Pack 12.8V/200AH


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  • The smallest energy storage unit, a basic electrochemical energy storage device, consists of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an electrolyte, a separator, and a shell, also known as a cell.
  • Intermediate energy storage unit is placed in a mechanical electrical unit, which is a combination of several monomers connected by circuits and circuit equipment (monitoring and protection circuits, electrical and communication interfaces), also known as a module.
  • A power supply system composed of several battery modules, circuit equipment (protection circuit, cell management system, electrical and communication interface) and thermal management device, etc., to provide energy for the electrical device.
  • Express or identify the appropriate voltage of the cells approximate value.
  • The amount of power that can be provided by a fully charged battery cell under specified conditions. It is usually denoted by Ah.
  • The energy that a battery cell can provide after being fully charged under specified conditions. Usually expressed in Wh or kWh.
  • At the beginning of life (BOL), the minimum capacity that can be provided by a battery cell that is fully charged under specified conditions and discharged at a rate of 1C (C-rate).
  • “V” Volt (V), voltage unit
    “A” Ampere (A), unit of current
    “Ah” Ampere-Hour (Ah), unit of charge
    “Wh” Watt-Hour (Wh), unit of electrical energy
    “Ω” Ohm (Ω), unit of resistance
    “°C” degree Celsius(°C), temperature unit
    “mm” millimeter (mm), unit of length
    “s” second(s), time unit
    “kg” kilogram(kg), unit of weight
    “Hz” Hertz (Hz), frequency unit
Lithium 12.8V

12.8V 100AH, 12.8V 200AH


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