Deye HV Battery 3U Rack

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This Battery Rack holds 12 x Deye BOS-G 5.12kwh Lithium Batteries and 1 x BMU Cluster Control Box, which is sold separately.

Deye HV Battery 3U Rack. First, it’s a storage legend. Built compact yet powerful, it stands as a reliable addition to your power system. Moreover, it ensures a neat power station, perfectly storing the Deye BOS-G battery. Finally, it offers a secure, easy-access setup for your battery system. The Deye HV Battery 3U Rack: exceptional organization for your power source.

Deye HV Battery 3U Rack, This rack is designed specifically for the Deye BOS-G 5.12kwh HV Lithium-Ion Battery and cluster control box.
In addition, it has the capability to install up to 12 pcs 5.12kWh batteries.
The Deye Batteries and Cluster Control box are held securely in a safe, secure rack.
Weight: 85kg.
Dimensions: 58×59×220cm.
If you are storing or managing batteries, I recommend using the Deye BOS-G 5.12kwh HV Lithium-Ion Battery 3U Rack. It is an essential component of any battery storage system and will help to ensure the safety and reliability of your batteries.


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