Hober Hybrid solar Water Pumping inverter


The Hober 11 Kilowatts Three Phase Hybrid MPPT Solar Water Pumping inverter main functions include converting the DC power into Ac Power to drive the pump, and real-time adjust the output frequency to achieve the maximum power point tracking. The inverter is appropriate for three-phase pumps with power requirements below 11000 Watts. Output 380V Three Phase 50/60Hz

Ac input : Three Phase 380V/415V 50/60Hz

Solar input 450~900VDC

Hybrid AC Power Input

Hober Hybrid solar Water Pumping inverter

2.2kw Single Phase, 3.7kw 3Phase, 5.5kw 3Phase, 7.5kw 3Phase, 11.0kw 3Phase, 15.0kw 3Phase, 18.5kw 3Phase


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